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Contacting Classmates

If you're searching for classmates online, your first stop should be . Everyone can register with them for free. Registered Reunion Contacts can send "Hi-Notes" to classmates, they have individual message boards set up for every high school in the United States, and they have a "Reunion Contacts" message board where reunion contacts can share ideas and ask questions.

If you graduated from Whitehall Yearling, be sure to send an E-mail to with your reunion info.


Magnetic-backed dry erase boards, customized with your school and class information, make a great reunion memento.

Click here for more info on customized magnetic-backed dry erase boards.


Arrange for your school's current photography club, newspaper photographers, or yearbook photographers to attend your reunion and take candid photos. Submitted by Rob Fish, Whitehall Yearling High School class of 1971.

Reunion Resources

Use an online invitation service to send electronic invitations to your classmates. Most of these services allow you to see who has read their invitation, who has responded that they will come, and allow others in your class to sign up. One service to check out is

(click on the button)

Note: We are an affiliate. If you click on their button, visit their site, click on the "join now" link, sign up for their free service, and then send out free invitations within 30 days, Evite will pay us a bit of commission (which will help defray the cost of running this site). Try their service, and if you like it, encourage others to come here and follow this link to Evite.

Visit the "Reunion Contacts" forum. You'll need to be a paid member and then register with as a reunion contact to gain access to the "Reunion Contacts" forum.

Check out the other commercial alumni search sites.

Click here for a list of all the commercial alumni search sites we know about.

Note: We are an affiliate with those commercial alumni search sites that offer affiliate programs. If you follow a link from our site to one of those sites, we'll get paid a wee bit of commission when you complete their free registration process.

Fund Raising

Cheryl Goumas sent an E-mail that said "By any chance do you happen to know how the table sponsor thing works? That sounds like something we might want to try." So here are my thoughts on table sponsorship:

Let local businesses sponsor your tables. In exchange for a contribution (maybe $50 per table), put a placard in the center of the table which displayed the company name and info about the company.You could get a bit fancy and include their company logo.

In addition, you can list the table sponsors in your reunion program, thank them when you do your announcements, prominently display a poster near the check-in table with all sponsor names, and put their names and hyperlinks on your web site.

To make the placards, you can print the info on white card stock and fold the card into a "tent" shape. As an alternative, you could print the info on pre-printed decorative paper and then glue the printout to the card stock before folding it into a tent shape.

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Memory Books

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Planning Your Reunion

While it is possible for one person to put together a killer reunion, it is much easier to have a Reunion Committee. Get as much help and assistance from your classmates as possible - many hands make the work light.

Click Here for more ideas about planning your reunion

Reunion Events

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