WYHS Class of 1971
Reunion Questionnaire

Hey boys and girls, what time is it?

Believe it or not, it is time for our 30 year reunion. We've mailed Reunion Questionnaires to everyone we have mailing addresses for, but decided to put a copy here online for a couple of reasons:

  • Some folks prefer filling out online forms;
  • Some folks may not have received the printed questionnaire we mailed.

Whether you're coming to the reunion or not (and we REALLY want you to attend), please complete and submit a questionnaire. You can complete either the printed version or this online version, but we'd much rather you complete this online version, since it will really cut down on the amount of typing we have to do.

Tana is going to make a "Reunion Booklet" which will have all kinds of neat stuff, including info from the questionnaires. If you'd prefer that we don't publish some of the info from your questionnaire, just put "don't publish" after any info you don't want printed in the Reunion Booklet.

Note: If you went to elementary school, Rosemore, or High School with us, but didn't graduate with us, please complete and submit a questionnaire. If you'd like to join us at the reunion, let us know and we'll send you a registration packet.

Let's Get Started

If you're ready to get started, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, block aside about 6 to 12 minutes, and scroll on down to start completing the questionnaire.

We'll start off with some "no brainers." To make it as easy as possible for you to complete the questionnaire, you should be able to press your keyboard's TAB key to move from box to box. If you don't feel comfortable sharing some of the information, just leave the boxes blank.

About You

What's your first name?

Your current last name?

Maiden name?

Are you a Whitehall grad? (either WYHS or Eastland)

Did you attend Eastland Vocational School?

If you moved away before graduation, when did you move and where did you graduate (school, city & state)

Contacting You

We'll put your E-mail address and contact info in the printed Reunion Booklet. We will not put any contact information or E-mail addresses on the Internet. Other than putting it in the printed Reunion Booklet, we will not share your E-mail address with anyone else. If you'd rather we didn't publish your contact info in the Reunion Booklet, please include it here (so we can update our database), and then type the phrase "don't publish."

Your E-mail address:
(an E-mail address is required - replace "PutYourEmailHere@wyhs.org with your E-mail address. If you don't have an E-mail address, leave the "PutYourEmailHere@wyhs.org" address there)


Your street address:

City: ; State: ; Zip:

Daytime Phone: ; Evening Phone:

If you move before our next reunion and forget to let us know your new address, what one person is most likely to know how to contact you? And what is their address, phone number, and E-mail address? Please put all the info on one line, and separate the info with semicolons. Something like
Rob Fish; 2297 Benning Drive; Powell OH 43065; 614-889-5222; rob@robfish.com

Just to make sure we can find you before our next reunion, how about giving us the name of someone else who will know how to contact you. Pick someone who probably won't move in the next five years. Oh wait, the name alone won't do us much good. Please also tell us how to contact them.

More About You

Marital status:

How long?

Spouse's first name:

Is your spouse a WYHS grad? ; What year?

Your first chance to brag a bit

Tell us a bit about your children. You know, their names, ages, and the one thing you brag the most about them. Go ahead and tell us all you want, even though we'll probably have to edit this section when we put it in the Reunion Booklet.

And now, tell us a about your grand children. Sorry - we can't accept photos. But bring them (photos, not grand kids) to the reunion - we'd love to see them! (you'll notice this box is bigger than the last one. )

Are we done yet?

Not quite - but you're over halfway. Pretty painless so far, huh? If you need to take a break, scroll on down and hit the "SEND" button, which will submit the info you've already entered. Then come back later, FILL IN YOUR NAME, and then skip on down to where you stopped. None of your information will be sent to us until you click on the "SEND" button.

More about you

Current Occupation:

Current Employer:

Employer's website address:

Did you attend college?

Where did you attend college?

What year did you graduate?

What did you earn your degree in?

Did you serve in the military? ; How long?

What branch?

The good stuff

What have you been up to since graduation? Friends you haven't seen since then would like to be brought up to date. Don't be shy. Tell us about any special experiences, accomplishments or events which have had an impact on your life.

Tell us about your hobbies and leisure activities (flipping the remote does not count).

If you have a personal web page, what is the address?

Think Back....waaaaaayyyyyyy back

What do you remember as your most memorable moment from high school?

Do you have a "most embarrassing" moment from high school that you'd like to share?

Tell us about your favorite teacher(s) or class from Whitehall

What was your favorite song or saying when you were in high school ("Hey Coach, what did you think of the game Friday" does NOT count)

Remember Senior Wills? If you could redo yours, what would it say?

The home stretch

Are you going to attend the reunion? (the best answer is "yes!")

If a tour of the high school could be arranged, would you be interested in going back for a visit?

Do you have a message you'd like to share with your fellow classmates?

Do you have any questions or comments about the questionnaire that you'd like to share with the Reunion Committee? Either put them in this box or send an E-mail to robfish@wyhs.org

The questionnaire isn't complete until you click on the "Send" button

Believe it or not, that's the end of the questionnaire. All that's left is to scroll down and click on the "Send" button. If you're not going to attend the reunion and would like a copy of the reunion booklet, contact Tana (Torr) Owens at TOwens01@MSN.com

Please read this before you click the "Send" button

It might take the computer as much as 20 seconds to gather and process your info (or it might take only 3 or 4 seconds, you never can tell!). Please watch the "Send" button as you click it. Click on the "Send" button just long enough for it to change color, and then release your mouse button. After the "Send" button gets dark and you release your mouse button, the computer will begin doing its work. When the computer finishes thinking and processing, you will be automatically taken to a confirmation page. So please, click the "Send" button just once. Clicking a second time will stop the first submission and just make you wait longer.

One final note - every now and then the computer messes up and generates an error message. If you get an error message, would you please click on your browser's "Back" button and then click on the "Send" button again? If you still get an error message, would go to a different page, click on one of the E-mail links, and let us know that the computer is acting up and we need to call the maintenance guys? Thanks!

I'll send you an E-mail within a day or two of receiving your online questionnaire. If you don't get an E-mail from me, please follow up to make sure I received your questionnaire. robfish@wyhs.org

Changed your mind and don't want to do the form? Click Here to reach the list of forms available online.