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Welcome to the web site for alumni of Whitehall Yearling High School - "the place" for WYHS alumni info.

If you ever lived in Whitehall, attended school in Whitehall (even if just for a week or two), or worked in the Whitehall City Schools, kick your feet up, start humming the fight song, and enjoy your visit.

Please come back often and help build a WYHS alumni community. Share your memories (and any photos you may have) by posting in the free DelphiForums WYHS Rams Forum or by sending them to me at

Rob Fish, WYHS Class of 1971 and Webmaster, wyhs.org

Homecoming 2012

Alumni Band Group on Facebook

Brian Nolder created a WYHS Band Alumni group on Facebook. Click Here to check it out.

Gymnasium Named in Honor of Coach Russ Gregg

There was a ceremony naming the Whitehall Yearling gym the "Russ Gregg Gymnasium" on February 11, 2006. Congratulations to Coach Gregg on a much deserved honor!

WYHS Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, January 2006

Steve Tompos (Class of 1985), Preston Hale (Class of 1971), and Michael Ore (Class of 1981), were selected by the Hall of Fame committee to be recognized this year for their accomplishments, honors, and recognition in athletics, business, education, humanitarian pursuits, or service to others. Congratulations to all three on their induction.

I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate my friend, Preston Hale, on his induction. For the past 30 years, Preston has selflessly given his time and talents to others. I couldn't begin to count the number of families he's touched with his generosity, care, and love.

One example is that year in and year out, needy families have had Christmas presents for their children and good holiday meals because of Preston's efforts as "Santa Claus."

Another example is that many flood victims in Missouri benefited not only from the truckloads of supplies Preston delivered to them, but from the time he spent in their communities helping them rebuild after floods damaged their homes and communities.

The number and variety of humanitarian and community service recognition awards Preston has received over the years is absolutely amazing. Congratulations Preston!


WYHS 2004 All Class Reunion a Success!

Click Here for more info on the August, 2004 event.


Reunion Pictures and Stories Wanted

It may take me a while to get them online (okay.. it WILL take me a while to get them online - I still don't have the Homecoming 2003 pictures posted), but if you have photos or stories from the All Class Reunion (or any other WYHS related reunion), please send them to me.

I've got an 8 meg limit on my mailbox, so please don't send more than 8 meg of photos at a time. If you get a "mailbox full" message, please wait an hour or so and try sending it again.

Please send your photos and stories to:

Alumni Association

More info coming soon - please plan on getting involved!

Whitehall Education Foundation Awards 2 Scholarships!

The newly formed Whitehall Education Foundation (a 501(3)c charitable organization formed to support quality education and excellence in Whitehall City Schools) awarded two scholarships to this year's WYHS graduating class.  The scholarships were from the James A. "Herk" Soteriades Scholarship Fund.

If you're interested in "paying back" to the Whitehall City Schools, please keep the Whitehall Education Foundation in mind.  I'll put more details on the web site soon.  In the meantime, if you'd like to make a donation to the Whitehall Education Foundation, you may contact the Whitehall Education Foundation through the high school's main office.


Homecoming 2002 Pics

Alumni Soccer Game


Please Click Here for pictures of Alumni Soccer games.

Help the Kids

The Yearbook Staff wants to know if you're looking for a yearbook: Or at least I think they are. A while back they contacted me and said the yearbook staff had decided to sell some old yearbooks. They had a lot from the 80's and 90's, and some from other years. The yearbooks are $30 per book or four books for $100. I don't know if they're still available, but the contact person was Denise Bunsey, the yearbook advisor

Ram Band: As part of Homecoming, the Alumni Band traditionally raises money to purchase a new instrument for the band. This year, in addition to purchasing a musical instrument, the Alumni Band would like to establish a "scholarship fund" for band camp. Please Click Here for info on how you can help the kids in the band by donating to the Alumni Band Fund - even if you're living someplace in Eastern Slobovia.

Band Pictures from the late 60's

Joyce (Nichols) Harkless, class of '71, has a bunch of band photos in her Facebook Album.

If you were around WYHS during "The Summer of Love," check out her album for a trip down memory lane.

Alumni Directory

The BC Harris Company published a "WYHS Alumni Directory" in September, 2003. Please Click Here for more information about the Alumni Directory.

Email: rob@wyhs.org

Remember Flippo?

Part of my home-based business makes customized, magnetic-backed, dry-erase fridge calendars.

One day I received an order from a lady who's last name is "Flippo."

And her mailing address is on "Flippo Lane."

If you grew up in central Ohio in the 50's and 60's, you've got a good idea of the photograph I was expecting to put in the calendar background.

Alas - there was no connection and I didn't get to put Flippo's picture on the dry erase board. I did, however, do a bit of looking around the Internet and found several sites that brought back a lot of fun memories.

About.com's overview of Flippo

THE Flippo site

The Columbus Dispatch Store's page where you can buy the "Tribute to Flippo" DVD for $20 (all proceeds go to the non-profit 10TV Family Fund)


If you ever attended a Whitehall City School, taught in a Whitehall City School, coached a WYHS team, were an advisor to a group of students at Whitehall Yearling, or worked for the Whitehall City Schools, Please Click Here to begin the registration process.

Paula (Replogle) Fish, WYHS Class of 1971.

Paula was killed by complications from multiple sclerosis in 2003. Please consider donating to the MS Society through Paula's MS Walk team, "The Almighty Alrightys." Click Here for donation info. Thanks!

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